Ontario Northland historical service map

Ontario Northland continues to build on our proud past. First formed in 1902, the organization built the infrastructure to support the development of northeastern Ontario. Over the years, Ontario Northland has adapted to meet the needs of the communities we serve and continues to lead the transportation industry in Northern Ontario.

Books, Museums, and Exhibits

There are a number of books, museums and groups that provide in-depth historical information about Ontario Northland and preserve

Ontario Northland Railways Historical & Technical Society

Discovery Museum – North Bay

Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre – Capreol, Ontario

A Century of Travel on the Ontario Northland Railway
by Douglas N. W. Smith
Trackside Canada, 2004
ISBN 0-9730521-1-2

Northern Connection: Ontario Northland Since 1902
By Robert J. Surtees
Captus Press, Toronto, 1992
ISBN 0-921801-83-1