Who We Are

The Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (Ontario Northland) is an Agency of the Province of Ontario that provides efficient and vital transportation services to Northeastern Ontario

  • We employ over 750 skilled transportation professionals throughout Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Quebec.
  • We provide comfortable and reliable bus transportation to over 275,000 passengers each year.
  • We maintain over 700 miles of track, including 25 bridges.
  • We ship over 32,000 carloads of freight connecting Northeastern Ontario to national and international markets.
  • We repair and refurbish passenger cars, locomotives, wheel sets for leading transportation companies throughout North America.
  • We provide the only all-season land link to the James Bay Coast connecting Moosonee to Cochrane, Ontario. Each year we transport 60,000 passengers comfortably on the train, 300,000 packages, 3000 car loads of freight, and 2000 vehicles.
  • We are over 110 years old and are proud of our heritage and connection to the communities we serve.
  • We are focused on moving forward with the goal of being a valued leader in transportation for the next 100 years.

We are Ontario Northland.