Rules and Regulations

Application of Fares - Motor Coach Service

Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, the Rules, Regulations and Rates published in this section apply to the transportation of passengers, and transportation, storage or parcel checking of baggage, in connection with transportation sold over Ontario Northland lines.

A. General Application

  1. Fares published herein are One-Way Fares shown in dollars and cents, and are payable in Canadian Funds or the equivalent thereof.
  2. When a through fare is not published, one may be constructed by adding together the fares for each segment on the route operated.
  3. Fares to or from intermediate points not specifically shown herein will be the same as the fare to or from the next more distant point.
  4. Non-ticketed passengers boarding coach at non-agency points must pay cash fare to destination, such fare not to exceed the regular tariff fare between the last station and destination.
  5. For passengers over-riding the stop limit applicable to origin or destination shown on ticket, an additional collection will be made of the difference between the one-way fare between points shown on ticket and the one-way fare between the points of actual transportation. A one-way punch type ticket must be issued for the difference.
  6. Excursion and Special rates of fare other than regular rates will be effective as published in Bulletins or Supplements to the Passenger Tariff from time to time.

B. Children’s Fares

  1. Children aged 2 to 11- Children, who have not yet reached their twelfth (12) birthday, will be charged one-half (1/2) of the one-way fare applicable to adults, increased when necessary to end in "0" or "5".
  2. Children aged 12 and older - Children, twelve years and over, will be charged the fare applicable to adult or student passengers.
  3. Children under the age of 2 - One child, (less than 2 years of age), when accompanied by an adult or other passenger at least 15 years of age and when not occupying a seat to the exclusion of another passenger, will be carried free.
  4. Children travelling alone: Unaccompanied Minors.

Note: All fares exclude HST.

C. Regular Round-Trip Fares

Adult and child regular round-trip fares will be two (2) times the applicable one-way fare.

D. Minimum Fares

Minimum fares will apply to all regular and discounted fares.

Limit of Tickets

Tickets are not transferable. The following limits will apply unless otherwise specifically provided:

  1. Excursion Tickets - Limits set out in company bulletins.
  2. Online Tickets - Online tickets expire on date and time of reserved travel.
  3. Reserved Tickets –Reserved tickets expire on date and time of reserved travel.

Agents Duties

Agents can in no case deviate from the tariff rates, sale dates, limits and the rules and regulations shown herein. Agents must abide by the terms contained in their agency agreement with the Commission, unless superseded by Company bulletin. Only authorized Ontario Northland employees may override when conditions require special arrangements.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

Ontario Northland will not be responsible to patrons for lost or stolen tickets. They will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed.


In the event of any dispute over tickets or fares, passengers should pay the fare, take receipt and forward refund request to:

Ontario Northland Transportation Commission
555 Oak Street East
North Bay, ON P1B 8L3
Attention: Passenger Care

Passenger Search

As a condition of carriage, ONTC reserves the right:

  1. To conduct a search of all passengers, baggage, and cargo for any substance, material, or article of a kind or quality that is likely to be disagreeable to or dangerous to passengers or is likely to expose passengers or baggage to risk, loss or damage;
  2. To refuse to accept for transportation any such substance, material, or article; or
  3. To require any such substance, material, or article to be placed in the lower baggage compartment as a condition of transport.

No person is obligated to permit a search of their person, baggage, or cargo to be carried out if they choose not to board or have their baggage or cargo placed on the bus.

Objectionable Persons

Ontario Northland Transportation Commission reserves the right to refuse to transport a person:

  1. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  2. Whose conduct or behavior is objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers;
  3. Who is incapable of caring for himself or herself, unless travelling with an adult attendant (see the Exception, below);
  4. Who refuses to comply with any lawful rule or regulation of ONTC.

Objectionable persons may be removed from the bus at any usual stopping place or at such other places as the driver may select.

In the event of such removal, the liability of ONTC shall not exceed the amount of the excess fare paid by the passenger.

At the driver’s discretion, persons who have consumed any amount of alcohol or illegal substances may be refused travel privileges.

EXCEPTION: A person who is ill or physically handicapped to a degree of being incapable of taking care of himself or herself and/or being unable to board or disembark from the coach without assistance, will be transported only when he or she is accompanied by an adult attendant (see Rule No.15). The adult attendant accompanying such passenger must be capable of aiding such passenger on and off the bus without additional assistance. In such cases, where a ticket has been purchased, same will be refunded as provided under the heading of "Refunds" (Passenger Tariff, Rule No. 5).