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PBX 2014/2015 Holiday Hours Download

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2014/2015 Holiday Hours Download

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Killarney Road Flag Stop Removal Effective: October 29, 2014 Download

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Ticket & Travel Information



Ontario Northland offers special online excursion fares, with discounts of up to 10% off, available on the Adult, Senior, Student and Child fare. Please visit our Online Ticket FAQ's to carefully read any restrictions associated with an online fare type. Online tickets are valid only on the date and trip selected.

Ontario Northland reserves the right to offer only select fare types online.

Customers holding an Ontario Northland online ticket will receive priority boarding on their scheduled trip. All other customers will be boarded on a first come, first serve basis.


Tickets are available for purchase at any Ontario Northland station or agency. Tickets are valid for travel for one year from the date of purchase (open ticket). Travellers purchasing an open ticket will be boarded after our Ontario Northland online ticket holders on a on a first come, first serve basis.


Passengers connecting on schedules operated by Greyhound Lines will need to purchase their ticket by visiting the Greyhound website at or by calling 1.800.661.8747. 


To purchase and send a ticket for someone else in another location, a Prepaid Service Order (PSO) is available at Ontario Northland stations and agencies. This ticket is transferred from one bus station to the other, under the following criteria:

  • The buyer pays a non-refundable service charge at time of purchase, regardless of number of tickets purchased ($10.00 CAD).
  • The station or agency must be open for the ticket to be picked up (our bus operator will not be able to accept a PSO receipt as a ticket).
  • Buyer and recipient should allow a minimum of four hours from time of purchase to departure time to complete the transaction.
  • Appropriate photo identification or a password is required to pick up the ticket.
  • Only the purchaser may cancel the ticket or apply for a refund.
  • When purchased in person, the purchaser may also send with the ticket a cash advance up to one-half of the ticket price (cash advance not to exceed $25 CDN).

To purchase a PSO over the phone:

In addition to the above criteria, the following steps must be completed:

  • Call 1-800-461-8558 (or 705-222-6682) to speak with one of our customer service and sales agent and let them know you would like to purchase a ticket for another person.
  • The agent will request your name, telephone number, and address. We will send your contact information to our PSO office and you will be contacted within 4 hours of your call. At that time, you will need to provide your credit card account information (please have your credit card available as we will need the security code located on the back).
  • Please let us know the approximate date the traveller will be picking up the ticket. The traveller must provide photo identification when picking up the ticket (you can create a password if the traveller does not have photo ID).
  • The agent will provide you with a PSO transaction number. If requested, we will email/mail a copy of your credit card transaction receipt.
  • Traveller must pick up ticket at least 30 minutes prior to bus departure time.


Schedules and services are subject to change without notice. Ontario Northland may substitute alternate carrier or means of transportation.

Smoking: All Ontario Northland trains and motorcoaches are non-smoking.

Motor coach delays: Unscheduled delays can sometimes occur. Ontario Northland cannot accept responsibility for these delays nor any inconvenience they may cause.

Connections: Arrivals, departures, and connections at times stated are not guaranteed.

Alcoholic beverages: Provincial liquor laws prohibit the consumption of personal liquor on coaches.

Lost Articles: Unchecked baggage - Ontario Northland assumes no liability for articles lost or left on a motorcoach or in a station. Once notified, we will make every effort to recover your personal belongings.

Pets: Pets are not permitted on our motor coach service. People with disabilities that travel with a service animal are welcome on our motor coaches.

Seatbelts: Ontario Northland does not provide seat belts on all coaches. Some of our bus fleet is equipped with three point lap/shoulder belts. While we recommend the use of these seatbelts (where available), it is not mandatory.

Children Travelling: Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by someone age 16 and over. No exceptions will be permitted. If a child age 8-12 (inclusive) is travelling alone, an Unaccompanied Child Form must be completed. 

Car Seats: Customers are welcome to use child safety seats on Ontario Northland buses that are equipped with the 3-point harness, providing a children's fare ticket is purchased for the seat space. The customer is responsible for securing the child safety seat to the three point lap/shoulder belt, where provided. Ontario Northland will not be responsible for securing the child car seat to the bus seat.