General Information

Ontario Northland is primarily engaged in providing rail freight services for the transportation of mineral and forest products, chemicals, petroleum and other products to and from northeastern Ontario and northwestern Quebec. In addition to rail freight, Ontario Northland operates express freight services between Cochrane and Moosonee.

Most carload freight shipments are moved on regularly scheduled freight trains connecting with other Canadian railways: Canadian National (CN) and CP Rail System (CPRS). Ontario Northland is part of a North American network of railways providing freight services to and from locations throughout North America, including import/export traffic from seaports. Special train movements for heavy or dimensional loads are also handled by Ontario Northland.


Ontario Northland interchange(s) traffic with other railroads at the following gateway points:

Gateway Location Connecting Carrier
North Bay, Ontario CN and CPRS
Noranda, Quebec CN
Hearst, Ontario CN

Some typical transit times (in hours) are shown below. Please note that Ontario Northland endeavours to meet this schedule, however we cannot guarantee arrival and departure times.

Freight Schedules Frequency
North Bay, Ontario to Cochrane, Ontario Weekdays
North Bay, Ontario to Timmins, Ontario Weekdays
North Bay, Ontario to Rouyn, Quebec Daily except Saturday (subject to traffic volumes)
Cochrane, Ontario to Hearst, Ontario Weekdays
Cochrane, Ontario to Moosonee, Ontario Tuesday and Friday
Hearst, Ontario to Agrium Mine Site Daily (subject to traffic volumes)