More Seats Now Available!

Throughout the pandemic, we worked carefully to ensure essential transportation services continued to be delivered safely and reliably. As restrictions gradually ease, we want you to know that our commitment to your health and safety continues.

Starting on March 21, 2022, Ontario Northland will be increasing its seating capacity on its buses and passenger train. This is the first step in gradually easing restrictions for our passengers.

As more people return to travelling on the bus and train, we will continue to make sure your journey with us is safe and comfortable.

Here’s what to expect on your next trip:

  • You may be seated beside another individual
  • Masks are mandatory unless you have a special exemption
  • Continue to conduct a self-assessment prior to travelling
  • The Polar Bear Express passenger train service will gradually return to pre-pandemic levels over the next few months

Book your bus ticket today by visiting or calling 1-800-461-8558.