New Pricing Structure – Polar Bear Express and Motor Coach Service

Effective September 4, 2019, Ontario Northland will be offering more fare options for our customers. A new Firm fare has been added for those customers who have fixed travel plans and want to save money by purchasing tickets in advance. Flexible fare tickets are available for travelers that require flexibility when traveling. Firm and flex pricing is one of the ways Ontario Northland is modernizing our fare structure, aligning with best practices in the transportation industry. This new pricing structure will allow us to better respond to passenger demand and introduce more discounts to our passengers.

Helpful Tips:

  • Make your reservations early to get the best fares
  • Fares increase closer to the travel date


Flexible Fares

Flexible fares are fully refundable (less the transaction fee) and tickets can be changed or refunded up to the scheduled time of departure on the ticket.

  • Refunds: Full refund (less the transaction fee) at station or agency. Online refunds not available.
  • Ticket Changes:
    • Fare is of equal or higher value → Yes
      • Transaction fee applies and customer pays the difference between the fares. Available through self-serve and in-person ticketing locations.
    • Fare is of lesser value → No
      • Original ticket can be refunded at station or agency and a new ticket purchased at the new fare.


Firm Fares

Firm fares are the lowest available fare for a ticket. Firm fares generally require advance purchase (at least 48 hours in advance) and is ideal for the traveler that is not going to make any itinerary changes.

  • Refunds: Not permitted
  • Ticket Changes: Not permitted

Fare Type





No refund



No additional cancellation fee

Ticket Changes


No changes permitted



No change fee


Fare difference * (transaction fee applies)



Transaction Fee


$2.00 per transaction, plus HST


$2.00 per transaction, plus HST


All fares and tickets are non-transferable.

All refunds and ticket changes must be completed prior to the original scheduled trip.

Customers who no-show for their trip will forfeit the full amount of the ticket.

Only the full, undiscounted, unrestrictive fare will be available for purchase onboard the bus or train.

*Fare must be of equal or greater value. If fare is of lower value, please contact Ontario Northland at 1-800-461-8558.



Q1 I purchased a Flexible fare ticket and would like to change to a ticket that is cheaper. What are my options?
The current ticket will be refunded through a ticket agent and a new ticket may be purchased for the lower price. A $2.00 CAD transaction fee will apply to the new, lower-fare ticket.

Q2 Are there fees to refund a Flexible fare ticket?
There are no additional fees. You will receive a full refund less the transaction fee. The transaction fee is non-refundable.

Q3 What price is offered at what time?
Similar to purchasing an airline ticket, the lowest fares will be available by purchasing in advance and prices adjust continuously.

Q4 When does a customer pay a transaction fee?
A $2.00 CAD transaction fee is charged on any new transaction, regardless of how many tickets are purchased within the same transaction. If you change a flexible fare ticket for a new date or time, you will be charged the $2.00 CAD transaction fee (a ticket change is a 'new' transaction).

Q5 Is a transaction fee refundable?

Q6 Can a customer still purchase the multi trip bundle?

Q7 Can a multi trip bundle redemption be cancelled or changed?

Q8 Will you still offer discounts on senior, student and child fares?
Yes. The fare type discount will be applied to the ticket fare purchased, regardless of Firm or Flexible fare type.

Q9 Will you still offer the Friends and Family Plan?
No. Ontario Northland will be offering new promotions in place of the Friends and Family Plan. These will be announced over the coming months.

Q10 What if I purchased a ticket prior to September 4, 2019 and would like to refund it?
Ontario Northland will apply the rules that were in effect at the time of original ticket purchase. If the ticket was purchased prior to September 4, the ticket may be refunded by a ticket agent and a 15% administration fee will apply.

Q11 What if I purchased a ticket prior to September 4, 2019 and would like to change the date?
Ontario Northland will refund the original ticket, with a 15% administration fee applied, and a new ticket may be purchased at the applicable current published fare.

Q12 What happens if there is a schedule change or a cancellation and I have a Firm ticket (no changes permitted)?
Ontario Northland ticket agents will be able to make changes to the ticket in the event of unforeseen circumstances.