Polar Bear Express - Passenger Temperature Screening

Ontario Northland is enhancing health and safety screening measures for the Polar Bear Express.

Effective December 14, 2020, a temperature check will be conducted just prior to boarding. This is in addition to the current health screening questions in place. A trained Ontario Northland employee will use the thermometer and point it at the passengers’ forehead (without physically making contact with the passenger).

Boarding will be denied to passengers who register an elevated skin temperature equal to or greater than 38C, and who are unable to provide documented medical rationale for elevated temperature. Future travel will be restricted to 14 days from elevated temperature reading, or until official medical confirmation clearing travel is received and presented to Ontario Northland staff confirming clearance.  

As an additional method of self-monitoring, Ontario Northland has installed a self-serve temperature monitoring kiosk, located inside the lobby of both the Cochrane and Moosonee stations. We encourage all passengers to voluntarily use the monitoring tool as a proactive step prior to boarding the train and going through the health screening process. If you register an elevated temperature at the kiosk, please advise an Ontario Northland employee immediately.   

Any passenger who measures an elevated skin temperature of 38C or greater will be denied boarding.  Any passengers refused travel will have their tickets exchanged or refunded without penalty.   

For further information please contact us at 1-800-461-8558.