Notice of Commencement of Transit and Rail Project Assessment Process & Public Information Centre

Timmins-Porcupine Station

Ontario Northland is an agency of the Province of Ontario responsible for providing efficient, safe, and reliable transportation services in Northern Ontario. Ontario Northland is reinstating passenger rail service between Toronto (Union Station) and Northeastern Ontario, which includes a new station in the City of Timmins. The passenger train service, also known as the Northlander, will fundamentally shift how people move across the province, creating a more connected, integrated transportation network.


The Project

A new Timmins-Porcupine Station (the Project) is being planned as part of the reinstated Northlander Passenger Rail service and will be located along the existing rail corridor, within the City of Timmins, just west of Bob’s Lake. Station elements will include: train platform, station building, outdoor parking, pedestrian walkway, bus bays, a taxi stand, designated passenger pick-up and drop-off area, and a municipal bus stop. The study area includes reserved land that may be required for a future bus storage and maintenance facility. This future facility will require an impact assessment and consultation.

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The Process

The environmental impacts associated with the Project are being assessed according to the Transit and Rail Project Assessment Process (TRPAP), as prescribed in Ontario Regulation 231/08 (made under the Environmental Assessment Act). As part of the TRPAP, an Environmental Project Report (EPR) is being prepared for the project. If you would like to be added to our project mailing list, submit a comment or question, or receive additional information related to the project, please contact us at



Your Opportunity to Have Your Say

Building on the first Public Information Centre held on March 14, 2024, we invite you to participate in the second Public Meeting, to be held on June 19, 2024. During this round of consultation, Ontario Northland will present the findings of the draft technical and environmental studies undertaken to date for the new Timmins-Porcupine Station. Members of the public, government agencies, Indigenous Communities and Organizations, and other interested parties are encouraged to attend in order to learn more and to provide feedback to the project team.


Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2024 Location: Northern College
Time: Drop in between 11AM – 2PM or 4PM – 7PM Address: 4715 Highway 101 East, South Porcupine

Comments and information regarding the Timmins- Porcupine Station Project are being collected to assist in meeting the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act. All personal information included in a submission – such as name, address, telephone number and property location – is collected, maintained and disclosed by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) for the purpose of transparency and consultation. The information is collected under the authority of the Environmental Assessment Act or is collected and maintained for the purpose of creating a record that is available to the general public as described in s. 37 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Personal information you submit will become part of a public record that is available to the general public unless you request that your personal information remain confidential. For more information, please contact or MECP Freedom of Information Privacy Coordinator at 416-327-1434.

This Notice was first issued on May 30, 2024.