How do I find my closest Ontario Northland bus station or stop?

We have a listing of stations and stops for each community. You can find your station or stop’s address, hours of operation and contact details by using our Station Locator.

How early should I get to the stop?

Passengers are asked to be at the bus stop 15 minutes prior to departure time, if you have your ticket and are not checking bags. If you need to purchase your tickets and are checking bags, give yourself extra time to have an agent help you. During peak travel seasons and holidays, you should anticipate arriving earlier than the regular suggested time as locations will be busier than usual.

What does Ontario Northland do in the event of a delay?

Ontario Northland understands that your time is valuable and we do our best to provide on-time service, however we do not guarantee arrival and departure times. As with other public transportation services, delays are possible due to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to mechanical failures, traffic/road conditions, and/or weather conditions. While Ontario Northland is not responsible for delays and connections caused by conditions beyond our reasonable control, we will always do our best to find alternate solutions to get you where you need to be. For real-time updates on a bus’s location use Track my Bus.

What baggage can I bring?

Take a look at our baggage information before packing. We ask that you check to make sure your items fit within the limits and don’t bring any prohibited items. See Baggage Information for the bus and for the train.

Can I switch my ticket for a different departure time or date?

It depends on the type of fare you purchased. Flexible fare tickets may be exchanged for a new time or date of travel. The exchange request must be made prior to the scheduled date of travel. Origin and destination may not be changed under any circumstances in an exchange. Ticket changes are not permitted on the Firm fare tickets. Visit Fare Terms and Conditions for more details.

Can I refund my ticket?

Flexible tickets can be refunded prior to the original scheduled trip. If you purchased your ticket at a station or agency, please visit your nearest Ontario Northland ticketing location to refund eligible tickets prior to your scheduled date of travel. Firm tickets are not eligible for any refunds. Visit our Fare Terms and Conditions for more details.

I printed my ticket but left it at home. What do I do?

If you received your ticket on a mobile device you may show that to the driver. If you do not have your ticket on a mobile device, you may show a government-issued ID that matches your name on the ticket to the driver (the driver can check the manifest to see you have a seat booked). Alternatively, you may visit a station or agency and ask for your ticket to be reprinted when you show your government-issued photo ID. Make sure you have plenty of time before your bus leaves to get your ticket sorted.

What if I lost my ticket?

If you purchased your ticket online you can print another copy on our website by entering the confirmation number. For all other lost ticket types, you must purchase another ticket to travel. Ontario Northland is not responsible for lost tickets.

I’ve left something on the bus, who do I contact to retrieve it?

You can call 1-800-461-8558 if you have left something behind and we will make every effort to recover your personal belongings. Ontario Northland assumes no liability for lost articles left on a bus or in a station.

What kind of features can I expect once on board the bus?

Ontario Northland buses offer free WiFi, electrical outlets, comfortable seating and an onboard washroom facility. Most of our buses are fully accessible with accessible washrooms and have audio and visual announcements for all stops. If you require an accessible bus please contact us at 1-800-461-8558 a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Feel free to bring reading material, headsets and a small pillow for even more comfort. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be carried on board for personal consumption. Please help us keep our buses clean for everyone by disposing of waste in the trash bags located in your seat.

How much time do I have at a rest stop when the bus takes a break?

Typically, rest stops are 15 minutes. The motor coach operator will always let you know how much time you have at a rest stop. You will have time to stretch, use the restroom and grab a snack.

Someone is picking me up from the station, can they track my bus?

Yes, Ontario Northland has a tool that allows you to see the location of the bus - Track My Bus.


Yes, you can bring your bike but it requires some planning and preparation. Bicycles must be checked as baggage and meet the following criteria:

  • Passengers must ensure the bike is packaged properly and ready for loading onto the bus at departure time.
  • Ontario Northland will not be held liable for damage that may occur during transport, as we cannot verify the contents prior to packaging. If you wish to purchase insurance, the bike must be shipped via Bus Parcel Express and freight charges will apply.
  • Passenger pays a fee of $25 plus HST to check the bike as baggage.
  • The bike charge is valid for a one-way trip on Ontario Northland lines only. If connecting to another carrier, please contact the carrier directly for their information on shipping bikes.
  • Bike boxes are available for purchase, at an additional cost of $41.00 plus HST, at select stations. Please call us at 1-800-461-8558 to confirm bike box availability. If no bike boxes are available at your departure location, we will make every effort to ship a box to your nearest Ontario Northland station or agency, in advance of your departure date.
  • E-bikes are not accepted for transportation under the bus.

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